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Benjamin W. L. Derhy Kurtz est docteur en sociologie de la télévision et des médias, et ATER à Avignon Université, où il est responsable pédagogique de la L1 (Information-Communication). Il est chercheur au Laboratoire Culture et Communication de l’université d’Avignon, ainsi qu’à l’IRMECCEN (Institut de Recherche Médias, Cultures, Communication et Numérique) à l’université Sorbonne Nouvelle. Spécialiste de la télévision et du transmédia, il s’intéresse également à la sociologie des industries créatives, à l’histoire de la communication et à la médiation culturelle.

Durant son temps libre, il aime la photographie et les voyages. Il a également été officier de réserve dans la Marine nationale pendant quatre ans et traducteur bénévole pour la Progeria Research Fondation pendant une décennie.

Il tient enfin un blog sur ce site.


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Paris-based, Benjamin W.L. Derhy Kurtz teaches at Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3), as well as at various communication schools, such as ISTC at Lille and business schools, such as PSB Grande Ecole (former ESG Management School). He has also taught at Ecole Polytechnique (X), and has created several undergraduates/postgraduates courses and holds experience in marketing and in institutional/promotional/political communication. His PhD thesis, at the University of East Anglia, explored ‘success’ in the TV industry. BWLDK is concurrently finishing a PhD at the University of East Anglia. His thesis explores the discourses of ‘success’ within the transatlantic, Anglophone Television industry.

You can find more about BWLDK’s academic research and teaching under the Academia part of this website, in the eponymous sections: Research and Teaching.


His book, entitled The Rise of Transtexts: Challenges and Opportunities, which unites worldwide transmedia experts, was published in September 2016 by Routledge (New York / London),.

He has recently written chapters for edited collections in French, on Television branding (Laurichesse, 2013) and in English on the internationalisation of TV programmes (Williams, 2013). BWLDK also wrote entries for Gale Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies (2013) and has co-written two definitions for the SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics (Harvey & Golson, 2013), among others.

Derhy Kurtz has guest-edited a special issue, entitled ‘Branding TV: Transmedia to the Rescue’, for Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN.

You can find more about BWLDK’s conference activities and publications under the Academia part, in the sections: Conferences and Publications.


Benjamin W. L. Derhy Kurtz is also a writer, a screenwriter, a producer and an avid photographer. He is the co-owner of production company Centre Films, which he co-founded with Richard Marcus.

His latest film project, entitled Nail in the Sky, is in preparation. It was co-written with Richard M. Marcus. and will be produced by Centre Films. It is registered with the Writers Guild of America (WGA) West.

You can find about BWLDK’s entertainment activities on the website’s Productions section, as well as its sub categories: Centre Films and Nail in the Sky
As further information is provided, you can also find more on his first novel on the Novels page.
The Photography page will also be updated.


BWLDK has also been a volunteer translator for the Progeria Research Foundation for ten years.

Finally, Derhy Kurtz was a Reserve Officer in the French Navy for four years. Formerly attached to the SIRPA (Information and Public Relations Service of the Armies), he was subsequently appointed to COMAR Paris (Navy Command, Paris Headquarters) and to CESM (Strategic Studies Centre of the Navy).

Through this link, you can learn more about the Progeria Research Foundation.
You can also get more information on the French Navy on their website, Marine Nationale.

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