11th Sep 2016
Rise of Transtexts - Amazon page

The Rise of Transtexts Published This Week!

I haven’t been very vocal about it on social media (apart from the occasional update on this blog), but I am very happy and very proud of the release of...

15th May 2016
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The Rise of Transtexts Published One Month Earlier and Has a Cover!

My apologies for not writing a new entry in this blog for so long… I’ve been busy with finishing the book (and working on other projects… more soon)   I...

03rd Apr 2014
centre films logo

‘Centre Films’ now on LinkedIn

Centre Films, the production company founded and owned by Richard Marcus and myself, now has its own, official page on LinkedIn. Information regarding it and our current film project, Nail...

11th Dec 2013
ron signed in2

Ron Perlman joins the cast of Nail in the Sky!

Great news for Nail in the Sky, the film I’m working on with Richard Marcus.   We have just began casting roles, and I am delighted to announce that Ron Perlman...