Seminars Organised

Journée d’Etude “Culture Populaire” / “Popular Culture” Study Day’, Paris (location to be decided) (May 2014)

  • ‘Journée d’Etude “Culture Populaire” / “Popular Culture” Study Day’: Derhy Kurtz is co-organising a study day on Popular Culture which should take place in Paris next spring. Its mixed format will gather international scholars, professionals and fans and will feature talks, roundtables and an exhibit.


Managing & Making Decisions Under PressureParis School of Business (PSB) (Pôle ESG) (2 April 2013)

  • ‘Managing & Making Decisions Under Pressure’: (2 April 2013) BWLDK organised and chaired a seminar – intended to his management students, the MBA students and academic staff. The main speaker was Captain Philippe Ebanga, French Navy Communications Director.


Film & Television Research Seminar, University of East Anglia – Film, Television and Media Studies (01/2013- )

  • ‘Film & Television Research Seminar’ Series: Derhy Kurtz was selected by Pr Martin Baker to be part of the organizing team of the weekly seminar series, which discusses varied themes related to the field.


Papers Presented

Doctor Who: Walking in Eternity, University of Hertfordshire (3-5 September 2013)

  • Derhy Kurtz, B.W.L. (2013) ‘Dr Who: Master of Time… but especially Space!’, 3 Sept.


Conférence Transmédia, Université Bordeaux 3, MICA (13 May 2013)

  • Derhy Kurtz, B.W.L. (2013) ‘Transmedia: Quoi, Par Qui, Pour Qui – Questions de Paternité, d’Authenticité et de Canonicité’, 13 May
There still exists an ongoing debate on which forms of transmedia storytelling are authentic and canonical, and which are not. At the heart of this debate, notably, are the works done by the fans, but not only. Through several examples of ‘official’ narrative elements, the canonicity of which is being disputed, this paper discusses these issues and the ‘artistic blur’ surrounding them.


(as Derhy)

The Branding Strategy in the Audiovisual Sector, Université Toulouse II, ESAV (5-6 April 2012)

  • Derhy, B.W.L. (2012) ‘BBC – Branding Doctor Who Internationally’, 5 Apr.
British programme Doctor Who is a world phenomenon, having been sold to more than 50 countries. This paper analyses the marketing and branding strategies which resulted in such a success. As such, it discusses many aspects of the show, from its Britishness which was put forward to the extreme commercialisation of consumer products, through BBC’s international branding strategies.


University Talks

‘Napoleon: The Man of Peace behind the Military Genius’ University of East Anglia – School of History (9 February 2011)

  •  Derhy, BWL (2011) ‘Napoleon: The Man of Peace behind the Military Genius’, UEA, History PG History Seminar Series, 9 Feb.
It is undeniable to anybody who simply knows the name of Napoleon that he was a military genius. In a few years, the Emperor managed to conquer the majority of Europe, dividing it between the French empire and satellite states. What most people ignore however, is Napoleon’s life long wish and efforts towards a durable peace in Europe and in the world. With the help of various historical evidence, such as personal letters written by Napoleon, this paper intends to shed some light on this mostly unknown aspect of his personality; that of the man of peace behind the military genius.