• Moda Domani – Masters Programme (09/2017 – )

« Art and Luxury » (4th year) (in English)

I was asked to prepare a 4th year course, on the links between Art and Luxury.


  • ICART – Masters Programme (09/2015 – 06/2016)

« Consumer Behaviour in the Arts and Culture » (5th year) (in English)

I was asked to prepare a 5th year course, based on a previous one I created a few years ago, applying the concept of Marketing and audiences (consumer behaviour) to the Arts / Culture field

« Transmedia Storytelling » (5th year) (in English)

I was hired by the school director to design a 5th year course based on my Transmedia expertise


  • EFAP – Masters Programme; Erasmus (09/2015 – 06/2016)

« Transmedia Practices » (4th year) (in English)

  • PSB – Paris School of Business – Grande Ecole (formerly ESG Management School) Master Communication et Médias (04/14-)

«  Communication & Transmedia » (5th year) (in French)


  • ISCOM – International Global Communications, Masters Programme (02-07/2015)

« Transmedia Practices » (5th year) (in English)


  • Paris School of BusinessMBA in Arts and Cultural Management (2012)

« Strategic Consumer Behavior applied to Arts & Culture » (MBA) (in English)

I was asked to design a unique course on consumer behaviour in the field of Arts and Culture for a unique MBA, co-organised with the Institut d’Études Supérieures des Arts (IESA)


  • Université Paris Ouest (Paris 10)UFR SITEC / UFR PHILLIA (10/2011 – 09/2014)

« Communication Visuelle » (1st year) (in French)

I was hired by the Head of Faculty to develop and conduct a one-off prototype course to teach students to conceive a video which would serve as a teaching aid for the chemistry programme

« Cinéma & Multimédia » (1st / 2nd year) (in French) The head of the Department gave me carte blanche by the programme head to design the course based on part of my research

– Course and myself featured (as ‘Professor Derhy Kurtz’) by the Center for University Programs Abroad 2013-14 (page 135 on pdf, p133 on paper) http://issuu.com/parisedu/docs/cupa_2013


  • Ecole Polytechnique Langues et Cultures department (10/2016-07/2017)

« Consumer Behavior » (2nd year) (in English)

« History of Languages » (1st year) (in English)

« Comparative Politics: Presidential Elections in France and in the U.S. » (2nd year) (in English)


  • Sciences Po Master Marketing et Etudes (2016)

« Consumer Behaviour in the Arts & Culture » (4th year) (in English)




I was given full freedom to update the courses’ content, (re)design the syllabi and grading system

  • ICD MBA Marketing Management (11/2016- )

« Marketing Research: Tools and Techniques » (5th year) (in English)


  • ISTC Bachelor Law, Economy, Management (09/2016- )

«  Communication Theory » (2nd year) (in English)

«  Media Theory » (2nd year) (in English)


  • Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3)Communication and  Media Institute (ICM) department (09/2015- )

«  Télévision & Société » (3rd year) (in French)


  • IESEG – Masters Programme (12/2015- )

« Advertising and Communication Management » (4th year) (in English)


  • ESG Management School (now PSB) International Track (BBA) (04/14-)

« Organizational Behavior » (2nd / 3rd year) (in English)


  • Paris School of Business – Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (09/12-06/15 – then mixed with ESG Management School)

« Consumer Behavior » (2nd / 3rd year) (in English)

« Organizational Behavior » (2nd / 3rd year) (in English) (2012)


  • Université Paris Ouest UFR SITEC / UFR PHILLIA (10/2011 – 09/2014)

« Lire et Ecrire sur le Cinéma » (1st / 2nd year) (in French)

– Exam Paper selected by the faculty for the global second exam session (June 2014)

« Expression & Communication » (1st / 2nd year) (in French)



  • IESEG Management School – Master Programme (5th year) (12/2015- )

1 Thesis

  • ESG Management School – Master Communication et Médias (5th year) (2015)

8 Theses

Methodology classes, thesis supervision, regular meetings with students to monitor the progress of the research and the writing, in preparation for the viva.