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Books and Special Issues

  • The Rise of Transtexts: Challenge and Opportunity.  New York: Routledge (ed, with Bourdaa, M., 2016);
  • ‘Branding TV: Transmedia to the Rescue’, Special Issue of Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN , Vol 7, No 1. (ed, 2014)








stratégie marque audiovisuel;

Book Sections and Academic Articles

  • ‘Outstanding Television Branding and Reformatting’ (forthcoming);
  • ‘From Tone to Performance: Exploring the Intersection of Transmedia Storytelling, Fandom and the Contemporary Sitcom’ (with Knox, S., forthcoming);
  • ‘Issues of Canonicity of Transmedia and Transprogramme Extensions’ (forthcoming);
  • ‘The World is Changing… and Transtexts are Rising’ (forthcoming);
  • ‘Transmedia Practices: a Television Branding Revolution… and It’s Just Getting Started’ (2014, forthcoming)
  • ‘Cult Yet? The ‘Miracle’ of Internationalization?’ (2013);
  • ‘La Stratégie de Marque de la BBC et des ses Programmes dans le Monde’ (2013)





Encyclopedia Social Media and Politics

Encyclopedia Entries and Definitions

  • ‘Content Communities’ (forthcoming)
  • ‘Audience Involvement Model’ (forthcoming)
  • ‘Fake Product Ads’ (forthcoming)
  • ‘Television and the Social Media’ (with Bourdaa, M., 2014);
  • ‘Fanpage’ (with Bourdaa, M., 2014);
  • ‘Underdog – HBO’ (2013);
  • ‘Wonderful World – BBC’ (2013)




Analyses in Main French News Magazines

  • ‘Grèce: Pourquoi Tant d’Acharnement?’ (2015, 14 July)
  • ‘Robin Williams et Hollywood’ (2015, 10 August)

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