Centre Films

Centre Films is a production company based in the U.S. which was co-founded by Benjamin W. L. Derhy Kurtz and actor/screenwriter Richard M. Marcus (WGA). The company is jointly owned by Marcus and Derhy Kurtz.

The company’s name refers to The Centre, a nefarious pseudo-scientific organisation whose éminence grise was Dr. Raines, Richard Marcus’ title role in cult TV series The Pretender.

You can also find Richard’s profile on IMDb.


The company’s latest project is a contemporary film noir/thriller entitled Nail in the Sky (WGA registered). You can find more information about the movie on its eponymous page as well as on the film’s official website: Nail-In-The-Sky.com

 logo Centre Films pégase


The production company’s website will soon be online. News will be regularly posted on the blog and on this page. You can also find the company’s official LinkedIn page,  here: http://www.LinkedIn.com/company/Centre-Films/

Derhy Kurtz is represented by Kevin Mills in his Film and Television undertakings. He can be reached at: kevinmills@kayemills.com

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