Nail in the Sky

Richard M. Marcus and Benjamin W. L. Derhy Kurtz have written a contemporary film noir/thriller, entitled Nail In The Sky. The feature will be produced by Centre Films. It is registered at the Writers Guild of America (WGA) West.


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Nail in the Sky is a thriller that weaves a tapestry of love, murder, and betrayal. Charles Adams, a disgraced physicist, comes to Moscow to sell a new technology to an old friend and employer, Doug Acres. As he meanders through this world where nothing is what it seems, Charles comes to realize that he is mixed up in a tightening web of evil: corrupt colleagues – Roschin – and greedy expats – Hudson (Ron Perlman) and Griffenhagen – willing to sell their services to the highest bidder.  In the middle of all this, Charles falls in love with Lena, a stunning woman from former Soviet Union. Along with Hudson and Roschin, who each have their own side deals in mind, Charles then becomes the hunter of his lost friend in an attempt to save his own identity and even his life from the powers that be.


But the Russian egg opens to yet another layer of mystery. Pursuing Charles is Kuznetsov, an honest Russian policeman determined to stop the illicit dealings of Acres and the crime empire he has set up behind his company. Nothing less than fissionable material is at stake: although Charles thinks he is selling a means to help the population by providing cheaper nuclear energy, Acres and Hudson have other plans for the device. For reasons unknown, Lena is loyal to Acres, and despite her passion for Charles, she stands by the former. When Charles, helped by Hudson and Griffenhagen, finally reaches Acres in a civil-war-torn Kurbenistan, Lena is not far behind. Coming to terms with his failings, Charles must now take a stand.


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