The Rise of Transtexts Published This Week!

I haven’t been very vocal about it on social media (apart from the occasional update on this blog), but I am very happy and very proud of the release of “The Rise of Transtexts: Challenges and Opportunities” this week in the US, and the following one in the rest of the world.
Seeing what was originally an idea that I had for a study day proposal at my university (entitled.. well.. ‘The Rise of Transtexts: Challenge and Opportunity’), turn into a vision, a project and then a book is quite something.
My thanks go to many, including Denzell Richards, for his advice while this was still a study day proposal, then to Melanie Bourdaa, who accepted my offer to join this book project rather early on, to Henry Jenkins and Keith Johnson for the precious advice and obviously to all our brilliant contributors from three different continents; America, Europe and Oceania:, listed alphabetically here:

•    Paul Booth: DePaul University
•    Aaron Delwiche: University of Washington
•    Toby Miller: UC Riverside / Murdoch University
•    Sam Ford: Western Kentucky University
•    Jennifer Jacobs Henderson: Trinity University
•    Matt Hills: Aberystwyth University
•    Henry Jenkins: University of Southern California
•    Simone Knox: University of Reading
•    Hélène Laurichesse: ESAV / Université Toulouse II
•    Geoffrey Long: professional, book series editor for MIT
•    Denzell Richards: University of East Anglia
•    Louisa Ellen Stein: Middlebury College

Finally, my thanks to Routledge, of course, for believing in this book and in this concept of Transtexts, and publishing the book.


If you would like more details about the book, including reviews, the Table of Content, and the fields it intervenes with within Performing Arts and Social Science, you can find it here:

rise of transtexts - routledge page


The book can also be found on various platforms, such as amazon in your country, and will be released shortly:

Rise of Transtexts - Amazon page