‘The Rise of Transtexts’ Released Next Year!

The book I have been working on, which I am editing (along with Mélanie Bourdaa) at Routledge in New York, will be released next year!

Based on my research and on a proposal I had intially conceived for a study day a few years earlier, bringing forward a new way to talk about Transmedia – with the concept of Transtexts – a necessary evolution to have a broader view (and not strictly industry-bound anymore), the book unites experts from around the world to provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary study of this key communication/marketing and media-based process and strategy.

The book’s official page at Routledge (which belongs to Taylor & Francis) can be found here:

site 2


The book is also present (and available as soon as November 2016) on all online bookstores (and in physical ones, too), including on Amazon: